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Inquire About a Vehicle Protection Plan from Helms Bros., Inc.

At Helms bros., we believe it’s important to know your options. There are several things to consider with vehicle ownerships such as the cost of maintenance, warranty coverage, and protections, as well as ownership enhancing accessories. Our job is to be sure that your financial needs and desires are handled with the utmost professional attention. Your awareness of the options available to protect you from the unforeseen costs associated with vehicle ownership is amongst our top priorities.

For our clients that wish to personalize their vehicles or add ownership-enhancing accessories, we will not only make sure you get the best products available, but we guarantee it will be done how you want it when you want it.

We will provide you the opportunity to protect your investment, as you’ll enjoy many years of it protecting you. On behalf of our Business Department, thank you for choosing Helms Bros.

Vehicle Repair Coverage Plans

Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty

Measurable value, greater convenience, and unmatched service. With plan options that can go as high as 3 additional years or up to 100,000 miles, you can take to the road with the confidence that you’re getting the protection and value you deserve.

Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty

My solid investment. My service. Life takes a lot of twists and turns. So you will appreciate the fact that Mercedes-Benz has your back should you come across any unforeseen “bumps” in the road. The Mercedes-Benz CPO ELW offers affordable additional coverage for 1 Year/Unlimited Mileage or 2 Years/Unlimited Mileage, helping you get the most of your Certi ed Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz.

Cover your vehicle with confidence

For our clients purchasing New or Certi ed Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we offer a purchase price refund option. This plan offers up to 100% refund of the Extended Limited Warranty purchase prices if it has not been utilized by the expiration of the contract.

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Services We Offer:

Mercedes-Benz Premier Prepaid Maintenance

Convenience. Right from the start. Mercedes-Benz Premier Prepaid Maintenance allows you to “lock in” the costs of required maintenance services. The plan may be purchased at any time prior to your first service visit or 10,000 miles and will save you up to 30% more than paying for maintenance as you go.

Mercedes-Benz Star Prepaid Maintenance*

Value. Right from the start. Be sure to protect your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Star Prepaid Maintenance. For vehicles, after your first service or 10,000 miles, it’s the smart, convenient way to ensure your vehicle’s servicing needs are taken care of.

Prepaid Maintenance follows you wherever you travel in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, so your plan will be honored at any authorized participating Mercedes‑Benz dealer.

*Savings may vary by dealer and model. For details, exclusions and limitations on Mercedes-Benz Premier Prepaid Maintenance, contact your dealer, visit www.mbusa.com/maintenance, or call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES.

Wheel and Tire Coverage

Drive with confidence. Protect your investment against unexpected hazards the road might throw your way. Our wheel and tire coverage will help cover the cost to replace your tires and wheels if they are damaged by a covered road hazard- such as a pothole, nail, curb or other debris. It’s a feeling of security you won’t want to do without.

First Class Paintless Dent Repair

Keep your vehicle in great shape. We know you want to maintain your vehicle’s great style and condition. That’s why we offer First Class Paintless Dent Repair to help cover the cost to repair certain minor dents and/or dings without affecting the original factory finish. It’s a quick and easy process that will have you back on the road in no time.

First Class Interior and Exterior Protection

Extra protection. Extra piece of mind. We now offer an enhanced level of protection using DuPont products. A protective coating is applied to the carpet, fabric, leather, and paint, helping to safeguard your vehicle against stains and marks, while maintaining your vehicle’s overall appearance.

First Class Key Protection

Lock in peace of mind. Your Mercedes-Benz key has important technology and features that make it costly to replace. First Class Key Protection provides security and peace of mind in the event that your keys are lost, damaged, or stolen.

LoJack Security

The world’s leading stolen vehicle recovery system. Approximately one million vehicles are stolen in the United States each year. With LoJack’s state of the art recovery system, you can save up to 25% off the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy.

Personalized Accessories

3M Clear Bumper Guards

The choice is clear. Our 3M Clear Bumper Guards are precisely pre-cut to fit the contours of your car and will protect your vehicle’s bumpers from bugs, dirt, scratches, nicks, road salt, sand and road debris and will cause no damage to your OEM paint if removed years later.

SmartLogic Perfect Match DVD/Tablet Headrest System

The perfect choice. Vizualogic’s SmartLogic kit includes two removable Android systems docked in our Perfect Match Headrest. When docked, the headrests charge the system and also provide external USB ports for a keyboard, mouse, USB drive, and other accessories.

Chrome Accessories

The finishing touch. Add some additional style to your new Mercedes-Benz with Chrome accents pieces from door cups to headlight trims. And Chrome Brush Guards offer front and rear end protection in case of any minor impacts. They offer a great solution to the concerns of parallel parking in crowded cities.


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