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Our owners videos are designed to help you get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz. Your vehicle can memorize the seat settings, vent the interior before you enter and communicate with your garage door opener. These topics and many more are covered here.

Choose any topic below to learn HOW-TO utilize your vehicles amazing technology!


Mercedes me App Overview     Climate Control-Air Balance     HeadsUp Virtual Screen Display    Navigation Touchpad

Apple Carplay®     Android Auto®     BlueTooth® Phone Pairing     Audio Control Touchpad

Multicontour Driver Seat     Hands Free Access     ECO-START®/Stop Feature     Garage Door Opener

When to Replace a Tire       Change a Tire       Jump Start a Battery       Detect a Dead Battery

Tire Puncture       Detect Bubble in your Sidewall       Detect Uneven Tire Wear       Mercedes-Benz Service Overview

Augmented Reality       Steering Wheel & Cruise Control       Parktronic With Active Parking Assist       HVAC Controls

Pairing Your Android To Your Mercedes-Benz       Pairing Your iPhone To Your Mercedes-Benz

KEYLESS GO & Seamless door handles       Garage Door Pairing       Bluetooth Connection

Setting up Mercedes me connect car profiles       EQ Energy Management       EQ Navigation Features

EQ Hyperscreen Overview       Dashcam feature       30 Minutes of free charging with Electrify America

Charging with Mercedes me connect app       Activate Mercedes me Charge account

Charging your EQ with center display       Charging your EQB with center display       Get the most out of your EQ’s range


How To: Get the most out of your EQ’s range


How To: Charging your EQB with center display


How To: Charging your EQ with center display


How To: Activate Mercedes me Charge account


How To: Charging with Mercedes me connect app


How To: 30 Minutes of free charging with Electrify America


How To: Dashcam feature


EQ Hyperscreen Overview


EQ Navigation Features


EQ Energy Management


How-To: Setting up Mercedes me connect car profiles


How-To: Bluetooth Connection


How-To: Garage Door Pairing


How To: KEYLESS GO & Seamless door handles


Pairing Your iPhone To Your Mercedes-Benz

This is a quick tutorial on how to pair your Mercedes-Benz with Mercedes me connect services.


Pairing Your Android To Your Mercedes-Benz

This is a quick tutorial on how to pair your Mercedes-Benz with Mercedes me connect services.


HVAC Controls


Parktronic With Active Parking Assist


Steering Wheel & Cruise Control


Augmented Reality


Mercedes Me Connect: Overview

Mercedes me connect services are the next level of connectivity for your Mercedes-Benz. With connect services, you can control many aspects of your vehicle all from your smartphone.


Mercedes-Benz Service Overview


How To: Detect Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear can affect safety, comfort, and performance, so knowing what to look for can make a big difference, especially when it comes time for replacement. See for yourself.


How To: Detect Bubble in your Sidewall

Did you know a bubble in the sidewall could lead to a potential tire blowout? If you spot a bubble, see what steps you can take to keep safe moving forward.


How To: Tire Puncture

A loss of pressure may mean a punctured tire. See what steps you can take to stay safe, learn about the resources available in your Mercedes-Benz, and why a tire inspection or replacement can lead to greater peace of mind.


How To: Detect a Dead Battery

From leaving the lights on to a change in the temperature, there’s all kinds of reasons a battery may be dying. Learn how Roadside Assistance and Mercedes-Benz dealerships can properly inspect or replace a battery when necessary.


How To: Jump Start a Battery

No one wants to jump start their vehicle. But if you need to, learn how to do it properly – and how Roadside Assistance can help.


How To: Change a Tire

If you ever need to change a tire, here’s some tools, tips, and instructions you can use to get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.


How To: When to Replace a Tire

A loss of pressure. Dry rot. A bubble on the sidewall. They all may be signs tire replacement is necessary. Learn what to look for, and the steps you can take to ensure your tires are at their best.


Getting to Know the Mercedes me App

Mercedes me is the unparalleled ownership experience from Mercedes-Benz, enabling our customers to be more connected, more productive, and more in control than ever before. In this overview, learn more about the features and content available to our owners within the Mercedes me app—from vehicle management to remote access to service and support.


Mercedes-Benz Climate Control & Air Balance System

Learn how the Mercedes-Benz Climate Control, and Air Balance System helps you find the perfect temperature in your vehicle.


Mercedes-Benz Apple Carplay®

Apple Carplay® brings an entirely new interface and apps to your Mercedes-Benz. Integrating with your car’s in-dash color screen, central controller and steering-wheel controls, Apple Carplay® lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your iPhone®. It links your iPhone and Siri® to your car, so you can make calls, read or dictate text messages aloud, navigate to a destination, stream music, podcasts and audiobooks from a variety of sources, and more.


Mercedes-Benz Android Auto®

Android Auto® brings a new interface and exclusive apps to your car’s in-dash color screen and cockpit controls. Smartphone integration lets you enjoy a variety of audio, entertainment and communication apps via an interface that looks and works like your Android phone. Since it links your phone (including the power of Google voice recognition) to your car, you can make calls, hear or dictate text messages, navigate to a destination, stream music, and more.


BlueTooth® Phone Pairing

Hands-free calling is just a matter of switching on your phone, selecting Phone/Bluetooth® phone, then Update once your phone appears on the COMAND® screen. The subsequent prompts are also easy to follow. Get started now.


Heads Up Virtual Screen Display

The head up display is an option that projects key driving information onto a virtual screen. This virtual screen appears to float over the hood of your car, allowing you to check speed settings and navigation instructions while keeping your eyes on the road.


Navigation Touchpad

The navigation system in your Mercedes-Benz can guide you to most any destination, including street addresses and points of interest. Learn how to enter your navigation destination using the COMAND® touchpad in your vehicle.


Audio Controls Touchpad

Learn how to operate your radio in your Mercedes-Benz with the touchpad central controller to access broadcast programming from up to four different sources, in this video.


Mulitcontour Driver Seat

The multicontour driver seat of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle offers support, safety, and comfort by adjusting to the curves of your shoulders, lower back, and thighs. Learn how to adjust the back and cushion of your multicontour seat using the control panel or command center in this video.


Hands Free Access

Hands Free Access is an enhancement of the KEYLESS GO® system. A sensor in the rear bumper detects your presence when you have a smart key with you, allowing you to open and close the trunk without touching the car or your smart key remote.


Garage Door Opener

Few features are more convenient than your garage door opener. And it can be programmed to your vehicle quickly and easily. Watch the video for a complete demonstration.


ECO-START®/Stop Feature

The Mercedes-Benz ECO-START®/Stop feature automatically shuts off your engine in certain situations when you are not moving. This saves fuel and helps reduce emissions. Learn how to use the ECO-START®/Stop feature in your vehicle, in this video.

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